Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The heart is shaped like a fist.

The heart is shaped like a fist...
And when you grab me by the wrist,
And spin me around, throw me down,
Every time I see that frown,
I tell myself it is your heart
And you have loved me from the start.

So hug me until I cannot breathe,
Because without you I would grieve.
So kiss me until I'm freshly sown,
Bleeding is better that being alone.
So love me until I break clean in two,
I don't want to be without you.

It is so easy for “Them” to criticise,
To see my outward scars and patronise,
“They” say I'm stupid for taking you back,
But it is not intelligence that I lack.
It is the strength to stand on my own.
It is the courage to fight the world all alone.

I don't expect “Them” to understand
The love I feel when you hold my hand.
When you say sorry, and never again,
I have to hope, it keeps me sane.
“They” might believe in God or Fate,
Well, I believe this will someday abate.

Closed the door

My love is no longer the same,
And now my regard is no more.
All because of a single word,
You spoke as you closed the door.

I did not believe it possible,
The heart could come to die,
All because I heard the tone,
In which you said “goodbye”.