Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Starving Artists (2012) - a poem

My fingers shake, so I curl them into fists,

But I have no strength now to fight.

My head is pounding like a battle drum,

As I close my eyes against the light.

To distract myself I compose lists,

And sort boxes of faded memories,

But my stomach churns, my body numb,

This will not pass with ease.


Crippled slowly, I come to understand,

It is my heart that starves me so.

Bottling away what I cannot control,

It leaves me feeling weak and low.

I am strong, so I should demand,

That my mind and body are free,

I must bargain for my parole,

The right to be, once again, me.


Food. Sleep. Peace. Tranquillity.

I long for things now so far out of reach.

And truth. You elude me too, my friend,

And all the lessons you would teach.

I am now ravenous for a chance to be,

Secure and safe without this fear,

But hunger, my will you easily bend,

And all I do is cry another tear.


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