Monday, 29 October 2012

A cautious toe into the pool...

It has been so long since I did this last, and for some reason the idea of blogging again makes me nervous! A few years ago, I was fairly confident about my writing and wanted to share it in a public domain. And so, I began blogging short stories, poems and extracts from longer stories, including my elusive "novel" (which is a pipe-dream and unlikely to ever get finished at this rate). I received good feedback and encourage, providing a much needed boost in my writing-related self-esteem. However, when I began my training as an English teacher, my tutors warned us of the dangers of allowing too much private information to be accessible to our students. After a long, hard think about how much I was willing to let my future pupils know about myself, I decided to delete my blog which contained poems of a personal nature.

A few months into my Initial Teacher Training, I decided that the education system suited me much better when I was a lazy A grade student. I was never going to be an A grade teacher, for many reasons. I had planned to be a teacher since the age of 16, so changing my plans and quitting my ITT was a huge decision and left my world a bit topsy-turvy. I felt like a failure. I guess that is largely why I struggled to reconnect with my love of writing, thus never re-establishing my blog. I dabbled with writing book reviews, but only recently have words began to flow in me in the way they once did.

My life is still in a dubious place with no proper career or any real plans, but in a way that helps; writing is escapism from the daunting prospect of a big, wide, world that I haven't quite found my place in. So, while I try and find my footing, I am going to take the plunge and share some writing again. Much of it will be old stuff, dating back to as early as 1999 when I began writing poems aged 11. But some of it will be fresh and in progress. Whatever it is, it feels right.

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