Monday, 29 October 2012

By Request of the Deceased - a poem

I can't remember off the top of my head when this poem was written, sometime around 2002/3 I would estimate. At the time I wrote this, I had never come across the immortal verse "Do not stand at my grave" which later became one of my all-time favourite poems, but this seems rather unbelievable now I read this as the similarities are so strong. I still agree with the concept of this poem and would love my own funeral to be filled with laughter and anecdotes instead of soberity and tradition.

By Request of The Deceased…


Do not weep when I’m not there,

Shed no tears to show you care,

For I will always be with you,

During everything that you do.

Do not be afraid to speak my name.

Do not change, carry on the same.

For I am there, in your heart and mind,

I know I’ll never be left behind,

Do not forsake your daily pleasures.

May your years be full of treasures.

Do not grief when I am gone,

And may you live well and long.

Enjoy each minute of every day,

Don’t let my departure take that away.

Damned be those who dare wear black,

For colour is one thing I did not lack.

Do not wear a face like someone has died,

Remember that I had some pride!

Be merry, be happy, and be rejoiced,

Dab those eyes that dare be moist.

I was haunted by many fears,

And I broke down in floods of tears,

Now it’s over, so blessed be,

Those of you who laugh with me.

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