Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Haunting - extract from incomplete poem

This short extract is from a much longer poem I began work on a while ago and never completed. Should I ever resume work on this poem, it would have thirteen stanzas and grow steadily darker. Reading this now, I am not sure it is worth my while completing.

She haunts me silently, as I lie in the dark night,

And in the shadows she watches me walk in the light,

Waiting for a dull, grey cloud to enter my bright day,

Until the time I can no longer keep her at bay.

She watches, cruelly laughing, as I try to grow,

So amusing it must be when something you know

Others are oblivious to, yet not her, or me,

A truth of our lives that stops me from being free.

So she is always laughing, even when tears,

Find a way to her eyes, born of anger, and fears.

She haunts me like the ghastly ghost I know she is not.

She is not spirit left behind from body of rot.

Yet she still haunts me still, day and night, never to be forgot.

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