Friday, 23 November 2012

In My Memory - a poem

Written following the death of my grandmother, Margaret Williams (1920-1997).

Stay with me,
A little longer.
Help me be,
A little stronger.
When I give,
Into the night,
Please do live,
And hold me tight.

So long ago,
And far away,
Whispers low,
End a bright day.

See through skin,
And bright blue veins,
Fingers thin,
Now no one gains,
From your words.
And wisdom true.
Pastries and Curds.
Memories of you.

Yards of wool,
Sheets of smooth silk,
Knowledge full,
Flour, Sugar, and Milk.
Hunched back,
And familiar eyes.

Buttons, Threads and Dyes.
Memories of you.
You live on,
In my memory.
I am strong,
Because you’re part of me.

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