Friday, 9 November 2012

She stands on the river bank and waves - a poem

Written June 2010.

He doesn't even realise he is broken, but he needs a fix of that girl,

There is just something about her, maybe her changing eyes or how her locks curl.

He doesn't pay any attention to the voice in his head that says “please pay heed”.

She is like a bandage to his wounds, surely her healing touch he will always need?

She resists at first, like she foresees something he cannot yet truly understand,

But his sweet whispers melt the ice, and she reaches out when he offers his strong hand.

Their hands clasp so tightly, but she fears the bond will not be wound around fast.

His festering wounds do not heal; her powers fade, so too his need will not last.

He sees clear what she tried to forewarn, a river deep and foaming white at the mouth.

Now he understands that to go due north things sometimes must be left to go down south.

He lets go of her touch as gently as he can, believing true he is no good.

And alone he steps into the river's cold embrace, like he always knew he should.

He struggles, and she watches on helpless as the river almost gets to swallow.

He doesn't have the strength to look back; one glance and she would truly try to follow.

Eventually he collapses; the river behind him, now but a tale of woes.

The girl breathes a sigh of sweet relief, but here between them a tepid river flows...

A bridge must be build for them! But she can only fix, and he cannot create.

So she stands on the river bank and waves with sad sighs, knowing it to be fate.

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