Friday, 23 November 2012

Never Say It - a poem

Written in 2007.

I hear the music within your chest,
Where I lay my weary head for rest.
I smell the life on your smooth skin,
As I cuddle up to you and give in.
I see the smile playing on your lips,
As I tease you, gently swaying my hips.
I taste the vibrancy as I kiss you again,
Those kisses that drive me so insane.
I feel the soft breeze of your breathe,
So do not say it, never mention death.

I will never leave your heart or mind,
I will never leave my man behind,
I will never make you turn away,
And night will never take the day.
You will never say goodbye,
You will never make me cry.
I will never leave your side,
The moon will never turn the tide.
You will never call me just a friend,
And this budding romance will never end.

Never say it, never believe it to be true,
Do not say that I'll ever be parted from you.
No matter the situation, the way it comes to be,
I never want there to be an end for you and me.
No finishing line or closing scene,
No reminiscing about what has been.
No saying goodbye, see you around,
No laying one of us in the ground,
No ending to something with such start,
Never say it, never believe that'll we'll part...

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