Friday, 9 November 2012

Tata The Noo - a poem

A lame attempt to write a wee verse with the inclusion of Scottish dialect. Not easy for a Welsh lass, but the lad this was (roughly) based around was a Scot, so made sense at the time. I have to remind myself what some of the slang means after all this time!
Am'no a sook who'll walk away,

But there is nowt that I can say.

Aye I could fight it all, throw a fit,

Win you over with me charm and wit;

Like yer did it me when we first met,

That isnae a time I'll eva furget.

But ya ken what's best I suppose

And that is leaving tis wild rose.

Hope ya isnae jus bein a goon

But then tis did bloom too soon.

I ken ya naw ned, nor jessie too,

Don't need a bairn nippin like I do.

Yer scunnurt wit life so stowed oot,

So yer ken ya got ta give us th'boot.

If that what's best for ya, hey, so be

I hope life's a skoosh witout of me.

Am'no bein naw dozy tat, alright?

I'll jus say tata the noo for tonight.

But only the noo, and ya ken I'll still be

A wee sook for yer witout a scooby.

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